The Midstream Literary Agency

Our History

In Africa, approximately 40% of the population is functionally illiterate and the percentage is even higher in Ghana. The Midstream Literary Agency was founded to help wipe out this stunning fact through the promotion of functional literacy and education, and the provision of learning and teaching support systems.

The Midstream story began in 2014 when the founder Evans looked for more extraordinary ways to impact humanity as a graduate of English.
The company, after starting off as a non-profit education organization went through several phases and emerged as a student support service company in 2015.
By 2018, Midstream had extended that influence to become a teaching training company and publisher. Today Midstream has over 50 corporate clients across Ghana, and is still growing, bringing several exciting services and ideas to the world.
Since its establishment in 2014, Midstream Literary Agency has progressively grown to align with the ever-changing trends in the education and communication sectors in Ghana, by evolving and expanding our brands and service range. We have built partnerships with other leading educational institutions and businesses, and have pursued even stronger bonds with
communities in Ghana.

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