The Midstream Literary Agency

At midstream, we believe language is versatile. Through language, we provide experiences,
harness ideas, and innovate resources for teaching, learning and communication. On our part,
we are:

  • making business communication easy and convenient
  • honing the 21 st Century skills to make teaching more effective and fun
  • empowering low-ability students to be exceptional and competitive.

This is how we use language to help humanity.

Our Brands

The selection of our brands is a recipe for effective use of language. It is designed with both the teacher, learner, individuals and businesses in mind.

We believe that supporting teachers in their professional development leads to improved outcomes for learners…

MIP is a 35-year vision to close the achievement gap in Ghanaian classrooms through the provision of affordable specialized

We create original content for online and offline production based on the requirements of our client/organization.
We create content for:

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